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Expert Reports

Lingual Expert Reports on Farsi and Dari Languages

Over the last 10 years I have given many lingual expert reports for immigration tribunals, all of which have been considered by the tribunal judges favourably (references are available on request). One of many examples of such lingual reports being useful is a frequently occurring situation when the nationality of an asylum seeker is disputed by the authorities leading to incorrect decisions. In the absence of any valid or useful documentation, the nationality can be ascertained by a lingual analysis of the individual in question, based on his/her lingual abilities.
The other examples for the use of such reports is where a client is prejudiced or a case is damaged by spelling mistakes in the foreign script, inaccurate translation, incorrect method of transcription or mistakes made in converting dates from one calendar to another.

Expert Report

Cultural Expert Reports on Iran and Afghanistan

Over many years I have provided a number of useful reports to help members of the legal profession and the courts to understand matters which root in customs and cultures. Often disputes arise from a misunderstanding of a basic matter such as conversion of dates from one calendar to another, leading to enormous difficulties in the investigation process which often prove to be costly for a defendant or an appellant. An interesting example of such reports can be found in my work on all aspects of Opium abuse in Iran and Afghanistan which is becoming an ever expanding source of crime in the U.K.

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